Build your own ParkPatrol Community

ParkPatrol appeals to students, employees and residents. When starting a campaign think in these terms and post ParkPatrol posters and flyers accordingly. With a little effort you can build informal groups that quickly achieve accurate parking enforcement reports. Start a campaign now. Select a flyer below, target a community and make a ParkPatrol force.

Free Stickers. Download and print these vinyl stickers at home or at your local printer. You'll soon be on your way to covering your neighbourhood with durable and a strong visual message readable from 2 meters away, that raises the awareness of ParkPatrol and builds the community. Please use wisely.

Download the ParkPatrol Vinyl Sticker design, or buy ready-made stickers from

ParkPatrol Vinyl Sticker Design
Flyers to print and dispatch in your community

Free Flyers. Cheap to print and easy to distribute for a simple but effective campaign! Post these flyers in

  • your elevator,
  • the student union,
  • your employee break room,
  • the local cafes where you live.

Drop them into mailboxes, slide them under windshield wipers, post these on Facebook, or email them around.

One sheet has 2 flyers that are simple to print in your office or at home or have printed in a shop. Alternative languages are available upon request.

Download the ParkPatrol Plain Paper Flyer A4 or [US Letter]
or buy ready-made flyers from

Free Poster. This high resolution illustration is suitable for up to an A3 sized poster. Posting these throughout your community guarantees attention for ParkPatrol. Download this 22MB PDF to print an A3 sized page or smaller (also looks great on 4" x 6" glossy photo paper). Customised messages & languages available upon request.

Download the ParkPatrol I Want YouA3 Poster (22MB)
or buy ready-made posters from

ParkPatrol I Want YouA3 Poster (22MB) A3 SIZED POSTER



Realtime Responsibility for Privacy

Parking locations and sighting reports are private and contain no personally identifiable information. ParkPatrol treats this information with respect and does not make it available to any third party. The information submitted is used only for the stated purpose of sending early warning alerts. We also ask you to use this app responsibly and with respect for others. Please write to us with any questions or comments.