Q: I don't get an alarm at the end of my parking time, what's wrong?
A: This is standard on the ParkPatrol FREE for iPhone. It is a feature of the paid version ParkPatrol Pro, which is available as an in-app purchase for iPhone! To get it, click on Purchase Pro Version in the ParkPatrol Help screen, or in the banner if you see it. This feature is include in the FREE Windows phone app.

Q: I keep getting "location error", even if I'm standing outside. What's wrong?
A: Check your device settings under Settings -> General -> Location Services -> ParkPatrol. Make sure it's enabled. Also, make sure WiFi is ON, even if there isn't any wifi network to connect to around you. Sometimes this error persists for unknown reasons, in this case, try re-starting your phone and make sure to run the latest IOS version.

location error warning screenshot
Q: I'm not receiving any alerts, what's wrong (iPhone)?
A: Push notifications need to be enabled for this application. Check your device settings in Settings > Notifications > ParkPatrol. In addition, alerts are network-originated and therefore require a working Internet connection.

Q: I have purchased ParkPatrol Pro but had to delete and re-install it, do I need to pay again?
A: No. Proceed with purchasing with the same iTunes account you used to previously purchase ParkPatrol Pro, you will not be charged by the app store. You can also share ParkPatrol Pro across all devices sharing that account. iPad & iPod also work great with ParkPatrol and ParkPatrol Pro.

Q: Are you tracking me? What about my privacy?
A: We are not tracking you. We are not storing any data that can personally identify you at all!

Q: There's not enough users around!
A: Why don't you go ahead be the first one! Oh yes, also feel free to download our posters and stickers and build the ParkPatrol community in your neighbourhood. Send us a photo of your work for the Facebook Page, we'll send you a ParkPatrol t-shirt.

Need more help? Write to us at support@parkpatrol.app.